Manor Park Driving School

Manor Park Driving School

Covering Dorchester and surrounding area

Julie Mansley, Approved Driving Instructor

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Choice of Driving Courses

Beginner Package

Designed for the new driver or for those who just know the basics.
Choose this course to give you thorough Driving Skills knowledge.
This course gives you a comprehensive skill base to give you the ability to be a safe competent driver.


Refresher Course

This course is for full licence holders who feel they need help with certain aspects of their driving, this may be parking skills, motorway driving etc.
Choose this course to give you the confidence in areas you feel you may need extra help with.


Supervising Learners Quick Teach Course

This is for any full licence holder that is able to supervise learner drivers. It can be daunting and challenging! Have a 1 hour teach your pupil to drive. This gives you lots of useful hints and tips for getting the best out of your lesson time.
The emphasis is on keeping the learning environment calm and the car safe!
What's not to like about this quick course? Speak to Julie now!

  • Intermediate Package

    These courses are designed for those learners who know their basic car control skills but know they still need more practice and knowledge in certain aspects.
    They still need to develop their road procedure knowledge planning and decision making skills.

  • Pass Plus Course

    This course is for the qualified driver looking to develop their skills. This course is 6 modules including Town Driving, Dual Carriageways, Motorways, Country Roads, All Weather Conditions and Night Driving.
    This course is taught to the Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency Syllabus and you will be issued with a certificate if you meet the required skill level. There is no test at the end.

  • Eco Friendly Driving Course

    Do you spend a lot of money on petrol?
    Do you drive a lot of mileage per year?
    Do you resent paying all that money?
    Come and have a 1 hour course with lots of helpful hints and tips on how to save money by changing your driving style.
    It can save you upwards of £100 per year - let's face it you could spend that on a deposit for a nice holiday instead!

  • Pass Your Test Quickly Course

    This course is designed for those who have taken a test already and for some reason did not pass. As your instructor it's my job to find out why and put it right quickly.
    Making you a safe and competent driver

  • Advanced Driving Qualification Courses

    These courses are designed for the full licence holder looking to improve their driving skills to an advanced level and to obtain an advanced driving qualification.
    These courses are designed to develop your driving skills to a much deeper level of knowledge and skill. We will be working towards taking an Advanced driving test. Your instructor Julie has taken two different ones, talk to Julie for more information. Great feeling when you've done it!

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